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Develop the capacity and knowledge to offer your clients safe, reliable, and cost effective digital marketing.

Write contract winning propositions
Create great content for your client’s sites
Manage social media
Establish and manage safe, effective link profiles
Engage with online communities
Prepare professional client reports

What  Is Content?

How much do I need? How do I create it? What rules should I follow for best SEO results? Is social media content the same as website content? Do I create content for SEO or for users?

We provide the answers

SEO and Link Building

Content may be king – but link building still represents around 40% of your SEO potential. Without a strong inbound link profile your website is highly unlikley to succeed in commercial markets.

How to create valuable safe links

Community and Social Media Management

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer excellent commercial opportunities for those who can leverage them properly.

Community Engagement.


PPC and Direct Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of direct marketing. Correctly configured and properly monitored PPC can offer excellent return on investment across almost all markets.t.

Get a Great ROI With Direct Marketing

The four axioms of all digital marketing are Content, SEO, Community management (including social media) and Pay Per Click (PPC).
Not every one of these solutions will apply well to every business, and within each topic there are many ways to proceed. Some more suitable for certain markets than others. The art of the digital marketer is to pick the right path and implement the best possible solution.

At some level content is always required even if it is just one piece of carefully crafted sales copy for a landing page.  SEO both in terms of optimising onsite content and encouraging a strong inbound link profile is still perhaps the most important aspect for success in search engines particularly in competitive markets. Community management and social media can play a vital role in establishing brand and, if managed correctly, in selling to pre-exisint audiences online.

About Us

Hi, My name is Paul Rone-Clarke AKA Scritty. many of you will know me from SEO forums and some of my other sites. Yourmetalife (this site) was actually one of my first business sites and has been around since 2009.
In the (almost) 20 years I’ve worked as a digital marketing specialist advisor for local businesses, had joint venture projects with some of the main DM application developers, developed a strong understanding of client servicing as well as created my own affiliate website that have brought in a profit month on month since the late 2000’s. More recently started 2 businesses, both still running and successful today, My own business – Yourmetalife – and in partnership with some of the most creative people you could ever wish to meet, as part of areal “bricks and mortar” business with Gambit Nash.
This website is now my main site. It’s where I will post tutorials, videos, reviews and editorial on anything related to digital marketing.
Welcome to Yourmetalife

How To Use This Site

Yourmetalife is designed to provide you and your business with the resources you need to promote either your own website as a business owner or affiliate marketer, or, as an agency, scale up and run a profitable digital marketing service for your clients based on excellent, repeatable techniques, ethical best practice and of course a solid ROI.

Each website commercial needs is different, so we strongly suggest downloading our training material via the email form above. From this you can craft a tailored digital marketing plan based on your exact market and circumstances.

From there we look at the main axioms of all digital marketing. Content, SEO and link building, social media and community management. Whatever plan you create will be based on these areas and below we offer cost effective solutions for both individuals and agencies to create solid, effective campaigns that can bring in website traffic and convert this traffic to clients, sales and happy customers.

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